General questions


Can I install your extensions in more than one domain / site?

Sure you can. When you buy an extension from us, you buy unlimited domain installs but you can download this extension or any update only while your subscription is active. Should you need to download any extension after your subscription expires, you can always renew it.


Do I get a discount if I renew my subscription?

Sure you do. When your subscription is about to expire, we'll send you a notification email with links to renew it. Should you choose to renew it then, you'll get a discount. You'll not get a discount or option for renewal after your subscription has expired.


I'm trying to install an extension I bought from you but can't make it work.

If this happens you have two options. Your first is to contact our support and have our staff look over your issue. If this fails, you have the option to buy our installation package and have our staff install it for you.


I don't have a paypal account, can I pay you via credit card?

Sure you can. Paypal does not require you to have an account with them, you can just click Paypal and enter your credit card details there, safely and securely.


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