Voice Genie is Released!

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Victoria and Emma, both professional singers, have created a revolutionary application for professional singing, acting, public speaking and anyone who needs to warm up their voice in a fast, easy and efficient way. The Voice genie app includes a Breathing and Body Preparation and 3 ready to go warm up exercises.

Before every voice warm up exercise, there will be an optional demo video (tutorial) to demonstrate the correct way of execution.

Both female and male voices use the same basic range starting always from A below middle C. The warm up exercises can be used any time of the day, and before any occasion that someone needs to produce sound-singing wise or speaking wise. They are very effective in the morning before any use of the voice and at night as a soothing warm down. Τhey are given in a best suggested order but they can be used individually or in any other preferable order. It s also a great warm up before a technically demanding singing lesson.

So, lets warm up with voice genie!


Singer, Vocal coach, arranger, Backing vocalist and Lyricist.

Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden.

At the age of 10 she moved to Greece with her family.

Her professional singing career started at the age of sixteen with the record "Jump to the Beat" which was released in France, written and produced by her father, Harry Chalkitis, (Composer, Producer, Singer)

The album sold more than 40.000 copies under the label of Atoll Music.

Her solo career in Greece, began in 1994 with the album "Erotas Einai" followed by many number 1 hits and album releases with Warner music Greece.

7 personal albums plus many collaborations with other artists. Another European CD single "You Never Cared About Me" was released in France under the label of Columbia Records Sony in 2000.

Participated as a vocal coach and backing vocalist in the Eurovision Song Contest 9 (nine) times, including 2018 Greek entry with Gianna Terzi.

Has worked and co-produced with artists and producers in Sweden, Germany and Russia.

(Da buzz, Antique, Schiller, Annie Lorack, Dima Bilan and many more).

Throughout the years she has collaborated with top Greek singers and have travelled all over the world performing in many venues and theaters.

Has also been a part of dubbing Disney movies and series in the Greek language, such as Barbie, Winnie the Pooh, Phineas and Ferb.

Has participated in tv and radio jingles and spots through the years for international brands, products such as Coca-Cola, Arla , Attica.

For the past years she has been the vocal instructor for the number one hit shows "The Voice of Greece" "Your Face Sounds Familiar" and “The Rising Star”.


EM.MA is a greek pop-rock artist. She’s a singer-songwriter, producer and a trendsetter of an "adult pop" music style,very unique and differential from the mainstream music scene of her country.

EM.MA spent most of her growing up time and student life abroad, in big cultural and artistic centers like London, Boston, New York and Los Angeles. She has studied music songwriting and singing in Berklee college of Music, produced her own work and performed live at the Manhattan scene in many underground clubs.

With her return to Greece in 2005, she became Artistic Director of The Fame Academy in Athens, and in continuation she became the main vocal coach coordinator in the first and second X factor Talent show in Greece.

Presently she is the owner of one of the most prestigious recording studios in Greece.